Good reasons

12 Good Reasons to Buy from XL

1 Excellent value for money. We use the best products available and sell them at reasonable prices.
2 No deposit. Don’t pay a penny until practical completion. Why should you finance someone else’s company?
3 Fixed priced contracts. Take out the guesswork.
4 Insured for public and product liability to £2,000,000 For peace of mind.
5 We are FENSA members. A government backed body that spot checks our work
6 No pressure selling. Just get the facts and a price in a relaxed atmosphere.
7 No phoney discounts Don’t get pressured to “sign on the night”.
8 We have never canvassed door to door or on the telephone. And please don’t reward those that do.
9 See our products in our showroom. No need to choose from a photo or a salesman’s say so.
10 Trading since 1992, over 10,000 completed conreacts. We must be getting it right!
11 Windows, doors, patio doors, sills, fascia and trims all manufactured by the same company for an exact colour match. All whites are not the same.
12 Ten year guarantee and the stock of spares to back it up. A guarantee that’s worth more than the paper it’s written on.